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Criss-cross layered and medium in volume, Skylark is an ascendant style to achieve a subtle glam look. This set gets right to the point with its flared, dense allure to make a statement wherever you go. Just like other styles in the "Flying Lashes" line, Skylark is 100% handmade from faux mink fibers and features a durable band that conforms to various eye shapes. This lengthening lash is great for those seeking more volume with a bold, wispy finish. Wear up to 20 times and easily remove lashes with oil or an oil-based makeup remover before conveniently storing them in the Baseblue packaging for future use.



Pick the best eyelash style for you by noting the best features of your lashes. Do you have big, almond eyes with short lashes? Are you rocking a monolid, closed or wide set? To achieve a natural look, low to medium volume eyelashes like Redstart are our go-tos. Skylark and Starling are more high volume lash styles that add definition for a more "mascara" capturing allure.


Baseblue Flying Lashes Skylark

SKU: 2df43a4c