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The Danyel' Brush Collection consists of The Blusher Brush, The Fluff Brush, The Fine Liner Brush, and the Danyel' Dome Brush (which retails for $20.00).
All of Danyel's Brushes are made of pony hair, are of the highest of quality, clean and rinse easily with the Marli' Gel Wash Cleanser, and work beautifully with all of Danyel's Eyeshadows, Blushes, and Translucent Powder.
The Blusher Brush is used to apply Danyel'  blushes and . This brush is the proper width, length, and texture to ensure proper application and gives an even distribution of  blush color or white frost.
The Danyel' Fluff Brush is used to apply Danyel'  Eye Shadows. These brushes allow control and accuracy of color during application and gives a blended and professional   look that will last all day and night.
The Danyel Fine Liner Brush is used to line your eyes with any of our Danyel' Eyeshadows or Blushes by wetting the Fine Liner Brush and applying any Danyel's eye or cheek shade you want to achieve the perfect custom color and style!
From Cat Eyes to Smokey Eyes, this is the brush for you!
Many of our customers use our with a wet Fine Liner Brush to line their lips!
The Danyel' Dome Brush is a large powder brush that will apply with ease and give you a flawless look that will set your perfectly!
Danyel's Pony Hair Brush Collection

Danyel' Professional Cosmetics Brush Collection

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